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Walter Wurzburger (1914-1995)

Frankfurt-born composer, conductor, woodwind player: escaped Europe, interned in Singapore and Australia, returned to London in the 1950s


Wilhelm Grosz

Viennese-born composer, pianist, musicologist and record producer who traversed concert stage, cabaret and popular music.


Jewish Music Institute

The Jewish Music at SOAS, University of London. A key supporter of the Performing the Jewish Archive project.


Farida Bacharova

Violinist, performer in the Cape Town/Stellenbosch 'Out of the Shadows' festival.


New songs from the Jewish Archive

Compositions by students supervised by Hendrik Hofmeyr and Hans Roosenschoon, part of the Cape 'Out of the Shadows' festival, 2017

Educational seminar

Music under the Third Reich

A one-day series of seminars given by David Fligg in Prague for students from the Gymnasium Heide-Ost (Germany).