At the heart of our project is a series of five international performance festivals, spanning the globe, which are titled, ‘Out of the shadows’.

The festivals showcased the outcomes of our research, supported by an exhibition and a series of educational projects.

The festivals took place as follows:

- Madison, Wisconsin (USA), 1-5 May 2016

- Leeds & York (UK), 16-23 June 2016

- Prague, Pilsen & Terezin (Czech Republic), 18-25 September 2016

- Sydney (Australia), 5-12 August 2017

- Cape Town & Stellenbosch (South Africa), 10-17 September 2017

Each festival featured performances of musical, theatrical and related works illustrating the use of cultural archives in performance. The events offered local amateur and student performers the opportunity to interact with professionals, enhancing their skills as performers and their understanding of our performance approaches.

Our international, interdisciplinary team of thirteen members are all motivated to recover and engage with artefacts from the Jewish archive, to stimulate the creation of new works, and to challenge the very essence of what archives are and what they mean in today’s society.