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Music manuscript

Halelujo (Hallelujah)

Manuscript of Simon Parmet's choir arrangement for Louis Lewandowski's song Hallelujah.

Poem manusript

A purimgeshichte

Manuscript of Jac Weinstein's Purim story in Yiddish 

Music manuscript

Tif is di nacht

Manuscript of Jac Weinstein's lyrics to Soviet song Tiomnaia noch by Nikita Bogoslovski (1943)

Music manuscript

Hatikvo (The hope)

Manuscript of Samuel Rubinstein's arrangement of Hatikvo for the Jewish Choir Association in Helsinki.

Music manuscript

Der chasen (The cantor)

Simon Parmet's manuscript for the choir arrangement of the Yiddish song The cantor

Music manuscript

Fun Spanjen

Manuscript of Samuel Rubinstein's arrangement of the Yiddish song From Spain by Zvi Hirsch Gershoni.

Music manuscript

A winterlied

Manuscript of Moses Pergament's composition to Avrom Reyzen's Yiddish poem A winter song.


Play manuscript


Jac Weinstein's manuscript for his Yiddish language New Year's revue 1930 

Music manuscript


Simon Parmet's manuscript for his choral arrangement of E. Gold's song Exodus.