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Video recording

Serenade für Grosses Orchester, Op. 5

The modern premiere of Wilhelm Grosz's Serenade für Grosses Orchester, performed by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, under Conrad van Alphen.


Comedy about a Trap

This Czech-language play, a work of communist agit-prop in the commedia dell'arte style, was written in the Terezín/Theresienstadt Ghetto. 


Harlequin in the Ghetto (York)

Harlequin in the Ghetto featured a nightly double bill:  two of three performances based on Comedy about a Trap. 


Bloomsbury Theatre

The Bloomsbury Theatre was built to support student activity at University College London and hosts professional and student productions. 


Michael Berkowitz

Professor Michael Berkowitz was on the advisory board of Performing the Jewish Archive and participated in several project events.